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The Hague Kluwer Law Internet - 888 Words

Blanpain, Roger, and Gordon Anderson. Smoking and the Workplace. The Hague: Kluwer Law Internet, 2005. Print. Roger Blanpain was the first professor to do a wide-ranging study in his bid control the use of environs tobacco smoke in place of work. Professor Blanpain had a unique methodology in his analysis dissimilar to his peers in the same field because he researched the basic rights of tobacco users and their basic right to smoke as well as the financial impact. Professor Blanpain’s study was comprised of thirteen national versions that were acquired from North America, Europe and Asia. Blanpain explanations that internationally tobacco is one of the most profitable businesses in the field of sales and employment. Tobacco is also seen as a health hazard that is universally targeted because it is the most hazardous legal drug on the market because of its links to stroke and cancer. He also gauges tobaccos impact on employees that work in public areas such as restaurants and bars because of their exposure to tobacco products. This study shows the inestimable value of information that employees in public locales can provide. This data is indispensable to the people who are fighting for workers predicament such as humanitarian groups, labor unions, lawyers and policy makers. Blanpain suggested that the best way to protect workers is to bar smoking in place of work. Farrelly, Matthew C., et al. Evidence of a Dose-Response Relationship Between â€Å"truth† Antismoking Ads andShow MoreRelated The US, the ICC and the future: A suggestion on how to convince the US that signing and ratifying the ICC would be to its benefit3957 Words   |  16 Pagesthe short or long term influence the other parts of the world and nobody is immune to this fact. Especially the United States seems to have understood in the 20th century that interaction between states and individuals is vital, and that the rule of law has to be established on a national and international level. Arguable after the civil rights struggle and eventually the end of the Cold War the US was able to take action in order to criticize human rights violations across the globe. The civil rightsRead MoreInternet Censorship in China Essay4431 Words   |  18 PagesFYC Ruoxuan (Catherine) Yuan Internet Censorship has negative effects on China Censorship in China has gained much attention recently because of the conflict between Google and the Chinese government’s self-censorship policies. In fact, censorship has been practiced since ancient China and the intensity only increases by the years. Nowadays, the most notable measure of censorship is being done on the Internet. More and more restrictions have been put into actions by the Chinese government, whichRead MoreInternational Commercial Litigation : The United Kingdom Law3166 Words   |  13 Pages Fatemeh Hosseinpour International Commercial Litigation Richard Earle December 4th 2014 Word Count: 3164 The United Kingdom law has three distinct legal jurisdictions, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are all independent of the other. However, it is vital to recognize that each of the systems has differences in the procedural manner that commercial litigations take place. The European regulation, Regulation 44/2001, deals with matters relating to jurisdiction,Read MoreInternational Commercial Litigation Of The United Kingdom3416 Words   |  14 Pages Word Count: 3421 The United Kingdom has three distinct legal jurisdictions, each independent of the other. The jurisdictions include England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which are collectively referred to as the United Kingdom law. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that each of the systems has differences in the procedural manner that commercial litigations take place. The European regulation which is Regulation 44/2001 that deals with the jurisdiction of each of the courtsRead MoreThe Tightening Of New Items And Technology On The Loose2955 Words   |  12 Pagesas a part of ways that were not expected by its unique originators however which affect patented innovation holders and society on the loose. At the point when this happens, protected innovation law and arrangement don t stay static; however change in light of the new conditions. The tightening of laws administering protected innovation has been paralleled by a relentless increase in the financial and social vitality of patented innovation rights (U.S. Copyright Office, 54). The stimulation businessRead MoreDifference Between Private and Public International Law4183 Words   |  17 Pagespublic international law In the study of international law, a sharp distinction is usually drawn between public international law, concerned with the rights and obligations of states with respect to other states and individuals, and private international law, concerned with issues of jurisdiction, applicable law and the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in international private law disputes before national courts. Private international law is viewed as national law, which is and oughtRead MoreThe Effectiveness of U.S. and Scandinavian Penal and Prisons Systems3045 Words   |  13 Pagesmen have the same background and have come out of the same circumstances but yet only one reverts back to a life a crime, why? The United States prison system is devoted to justice by hammering out retribution to those who violate the rules of the law. Though this is indeed the just and correct thing to do, crime should be and is followed by punishment, but what then? After serving their time, inmates are returned to the streets knowing only the torment of life. It seems the Scandinavian prison systemRead MoreTransfer Pricing20501 Words   |  83 PagesTransfer Pricing in Developing Countries An Introduction Topics 1. Abstract 2. International tax law its sources 3. Brief history of International Tax Law 4. Who gets the pie? 5. Arm s length principle : Cornerstone of International Tax Law 6. Transfer pricing methods 7. Problems with of source taxation of MNE s 8. Internet e-commerce : Achilles heel of current International taxation regime? 9. Formulary Apportionment (FA) 10. Existing uses of Formulary Apportionment systems in the worldRead MoreWater as a Source of Future Conflict in Sa26984 Words   |  108 PagesCooperation, written by Rajendra K Kshatri gives the idea about in which circumstance water crisis may turn to conflict and the ways of cooperation. The paper presented by Annabelle Houdret in 5th Pan-European Conference of International Relations, The Hague, 2004, Water as a security concern – conflict or cooperation?, is also reviewed to understand Water security: Qualitative factors of conflict and cooperation potential in an approach to conflict transformation. All four articles and papers ofRead MoreProject on Risk Management46558 Words   |  187 Pagesaccording to their regional set ups?   - How did the banks deploy their credits across sector?   - Strategies that are being adopted by global players for retail banking. The key products like Deposits, Retail credit, Credit Cards, Debit Card, Internet Banking, ATM facility, foreign exchange conversion or sending or getting remittances from aboard, such services are also analyzed, supported by the facts like revenue and the market share. This section provides an overview, key facts and several

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The Issue Of A Physician Assisted Suicide Essay - 1266 Words

Currently in America, terminally-ill patients in most states have only two options: receive treatments (some experimental) or wait for natural death. The third option on the other hand, exists in only five states. For dying patients in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and California, they have the option for a physician assisted suicide (PAS). California recently passed the End of Life Option Act, thereby joining Oregon, Washington, and Vermont when it comes to legalizing PAS via legislation. For Montana, PAS is neither legal nor illegal according to a court decision. Judging by the fact that PAS is currently only practiced in five out of fifty states, it is clear that the issue of hastening the death of patients (by their own wishes) remains a hotly debated topic. This paper will proceed to analyze how each of the five states tackled the issues surrounding PAS. When it comes to Montana, as stated earlier, PAS is neither legal nor illegal. According to the website Death with Dig nity, the writer states â€Å"the Montana Supreme Court ruled 5-2, in Baxter v. Montana, that nothing in the state law prohibited a physician from honoring a terminally ill, mentally competent patient’s request by prescribing medication to hasten the patient’s death† (______). Because of the fact that PAS is practiced in Montana thanks to a legal technicality, there are no set guidelines for physicians. Instead, the debates are ongoing when it comes to the status of PAS within the state. Thus far,Show MoreRelatedThe Issue Of Physician Assisted Suicide1488 Words   |  6 Pagesdetermines ‘good’? And the question that is under much debate and discussion: Should anything be done to make it so? That, in the form of physician-assisted suicide (PAS), is one of the pressing topics that faces healthcare today. It is imperative that healthcare professionals, particularly nurses who bridge the divide between physicians and patients, are aware of this issue and its components. Right to Die The right-to-die movement is at the heart of this discussion. Following World War II, many advancesRead MoreThe Ethical Issue Of Physician Assisted Suicide1580 Words   |  7 Pagesand virtue, this paper explores the relevance of Aristotle’s moral philosophy in modern day and will be applied to the contemporary ethical issue surrounding physician assisted suicide. By exploring Aristotle’s work through primary and secondary sources, this paper will discuss the greater good and happiness as it relates to not only the patient or physician, but as a member of a greater social circle and that of society because to Aristotle the role of the individual is less important than theirRead MoreThe Ethical Issues Of Physician Assisted Suicide Essay1736 Words   |  7 PagesEuthanasia is described as the intentional discontinuation, by the patient s physician, of vital treatment that could prolong the person s life. Assisted suicide occurs when a health care worker provides a pati ent with tools and/or medication that will help the patient kill him or herself, without the direct intervention of the care provider. This paper will define key terms for my argument against Physician Assisted Death, and why I believe it’s wrong, where I will provide a brief background ofRead MoreThe Ethical Issues Of Physician Assisted Suicide1586 Words   |  7 PagesPhysician Assisted Suicide Physician Assisted Suicide Is it Right or Wrong? The ethical issues of physician-assisted suicide are both emotional and controversial, as it ranks right up there with abortion. Some argue physician assisted suicide is ethically permissible for a dying person who has choosing to escape the unbearable suffering at the end of life. Furthermore, it is the physician’s duty to alleviate the patients suffering, which at times justifies providing aid-in -dying. These argumentsRead MoreThe Issue Of Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide2123 Words   |  9 PagesLegalizing physician-assisted suicide can give the dying individual comfort in knowing that they have options. Physicians presently are allowed to relieve the dying of their pain and suffering by administering lethal doses of pain medications. Terminally ill patients should be able to access lethal doses of medicine voluntarily through their physician to allow them the choice of death. Strong morals and ethics surrounding this issue have split society on whether or not physician-assisted suicide shouldRead MoreThe Controversial Issue Of Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide1962 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction The topic of legalizing Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) has long been a controversial issue in Canada and has recently received increased attention. In 1993, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled the provisions of the Criminal Code prohibiting assisted suicide. Two decades later, the Supreme Court of Canada began to deliberate whether to uphold or strike down the law prohibiting doctor-assisted suicide. On October 15th (What is the year), the nine justices of the Supreme Court heard impassionedRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide : A Controversial Moral Issue939 Words   |  4 PagesPhysician assisted suicide is a controversial moral issue that I feel should be allowed in all states not just a few. Right now there are only five states that have some type of death with dignity law; one which has some extra steps that need to be taken to be able to use the law. Over the last year there has been more media coverage on this topic because of a young woman named Brittany Maynard, who decided to tell her story with needing this option. The real question though should be do we haveRead MoreThe Legal And Ethical Issues Involving Physician Assisted Suicide1134 Words   |  5 Pageswhat conditions is physician assisted suicide morally acceptable, is the question at hand and did these states make the right decision on such a slippery slope debate. This paper will go on to explain one side of this very touchy debate, it will also consider objections from the other side, and ultimately defend the position physician assisted suicide is wrong not only morally but also, ethically. My argument for this thesis is provided below: P1: Physician assisted suicide violates the doctor’sRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide : Controversial Healthcare And Political Realms Alike1218 Words   |  5 Pages Physician-Assisted Suicide Elissa Munoz-Tucker University of Arizona Abstract Physician-assisted suicide is controversial in healthcare and political realms alike. Currently, this end-of-life option is practiced in five states within the United States. Social concerns regarding assisted suicide revolve around ethical quandaries; providing the means to a patient’s death is contradictory to ethical principles of healthcare providers. Political concerns surroundingRead MorePhysician Assisted Suicide And Voluntary Euthanasia1348 Words   |  6 PagesPhysician-assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia is still under scrutiny for a number of reasons. â€Å"In spring, 1996, the Ninth and Second Circuits were the first circuit courts in the country to find a constitutional prohibition against laws which make physician-assisted suicide a crime† (Martyn Bourguignon, 1997). New York was one of the states that followed this prohibition. Eventually, The Ninth and Second Circuit, â€Å"allow physician-assisted suicide while attempting to protect individuals from

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Company strategy and organisation evolution -

Question: Discuss about the Company strategy and organisation evolution. Answer: Introduction Volkswagen Group, a German multinational automotive manufacturing company has its headquarters in Germany. Its main operations include designing, manufacturing and distributing of passenger as well as commercial motorcycles, commercial vehicles, engines and turbo machinery. Its offers relate to various services like financing, leasing and fleet management (Oldenkamp, van Zelm and Huijbregts 2016). In 2016 and 2017, consecutively the company maintained its market position as one of the largest automakers in the globe with respect to the sales. In 2017, it was ranked sixth in the Fortune Global 500 list of the biggest companies in the world. The group sells a large number of cars like Bentley, Audi, Bugatti, Porsche, Skoda, Lamborghini and others. It sells various other vehicles also ( 2018). The company has its operations in China as well; the company has been doing well in the country and has become one of the largest companies. The company was found in the year 1937 and that first car they manufactured was the Beetle. Over the years, the company has adopted various strategies, in order to explore the new markets and expand their particular business around the globe. They have been successful in doing this in various fields however; they have often received backslash from many critics for their management and skills. The given report aims to throw light on the company`s performance. The chosen company for the report is Audi. The report will be divided into various sections each of which will be elaborating upon a certain component. The first section illustrates the Strategic Position of the company; the next part throws light on the resource evaluation and value system of the country. An evaluation of the product/portfolio mix will be done using the BCG Matrix and the last section shall elaborate upon the future direction of the company. Certain recommendations based on the move, which needs to be taken by t he company in order to establish them in a better position, shall also be provided. Strategic position of the company Strategic Positioning can be described as the relative position of a company within the particular industry in which it operates. The choice made by a company and the kind of value the company wants to deliver is reflected in its strategic position. The strategic positioning of a company should primarily translate into lower costs for the company or its entrance into the premium price market (Barrett et al. 2015). Strategic positioning of a company presents the overall intended objectives of the company and the approach it takes with respect to a particular situation. Company Strategy Audi is one of the most successful strategic business units of the Volkswagen group. For more than 80 years, the company has been able to construct the most effective automobile brand for customers. In ordered to achieve this position, the company has combined all essential features of a luxurious car into the particular brand cars (Sheldrick 2015). In its advertising and marketing strategy, the four-ringed company has reflected the key aspects of four major automobile brands. Another strategy followed by Audi to establish its position is to not pick out at its advantages; Audi tries to concentrate on the stereotypes, which have been associated with the drivers of the other brands. For example, BMW is stereotyped with a driver who cuts off others and Mercedes owner is often portrayed as an old man (the Guardian. 2018). This kind of commercial helps Audi to connect with the audience and hint to them that its customers are the normal crowd. Hence, Audi has been popular as a brand against the mass population and has established itself as a progressively luxurious brand. An evaluation of the resources and value systems of the company Resource Management of Audi Audi has factories and locations in various countries around the globe. It gets financial resources help from its parent company but the company has been doing sufficiently, well for which it does not require that help very often. Audi tends to fulfill its responsibilities efficiently and uses natural resources in a sustainable manner. It has taken out an e-gas project along with various other environmental commitments, which tend to address every component of the company values. The company has its own environmental research foundation and it has planted various trees and other natural plants near its facilities (Blackwelder et al. 2016). The company has collaborated with Desertec Industrial Initiative, and international consortium to help them find a way to produce solar power in the desert regions of Africa and the Middle East. The company has just not made these big steps towards the conservation of the resources but also integrated the aspect in its minute details. When the Audi vehicles are developed, the engineers tend to focus on the environmental (Morschett, Schramm-Klein and Zentes 2015). This is to only in the case of its parts but the efficiency of the manufacturing process as well, supply of energy as well as water cycle and logistic work flows. The systems installed in their factories ensure conservation of resources and runs mostly on green power. It also produces fuel savings models, which are lightweight and tend to cause minimum damage to the environment at large. It also tends to compile life cycle assessments for its vehicles. Audi has been consistently working on its auto transmissions and modular efficiency platform. Audi has been planning to diversify its portfolio in future by making use of the specially designed engines and bio0fuels product. It will also be selling hybrid vehicles and electronic models. Value System of the Organization The executive team of Audi believes that the stakeholders have put in immense trust in the organization, which needs to be paid back to them ( 2018). For this reason, the company has come out with efficient resources and a code of conduct which serves as the company`s value system (Bartels 2013). The value system has been explained below from the various points of view of the company: Responsibility for compliance The main purpose of the organization is to see to it that they are able to fulfill the vision of the organization and maintain the reputation of the brand. For this purpose, the company makes sure that it is sustainable in its operations and that it takes care of all the compliances while carryout the business activities. It is the belief of the company, that compliance to various rules and regulations is extremely important in order t sees to it that the organization has a good brand name legally. This helps to raise the share price of the company and thereby increase the return to the given set of investors. Responsibility as a member of society The next aspect of the company comes as its responsibility as a member of the society. The directors of the company believe that, as the company is a part of the organization at large it needs to think about the welfare of its people and see to it that the members of the society do not face any harm (Garibaldo and Bardi 2015). The various components are covered by the company`s value system in order to comply with the norms of a society: Human rights Equal opportunity and Equal treatment Product conformity and safety Environmental Protection Donations, sponsorship and charity Communication and Marketing Political Lobbying Responsibility as a business partner As a business unit does not function on its own there are various partners of Audi, who help it to accomplish the goals and objectives and to make sure that the business runs successfully. On the other hand, it can be described as the duty of the brand to make sure that it encompasses integrity, transparency and fairness into its system. There are various conflicts of interest that might take place in a business enterprise; however, it is the duty of the brand to see to it that these conflicts do not come in the way of its supplier relationships (Greca 2015). It conducts various events and functions here all its suppliers are invited and treated with utmost respect and care. The company has certain strict policies with respect to corruption and it is strictly prohibited. It follows a strict conduct for financial laundering and the is against money laundering and terrorist funding (Algesheimer, Dholakia and Herrmann 2015). Various components in this aspect include Export Control, Tax control, Procurement, and free as well as fair competition. Responsibility in the workplace As a responsible worker, the company sees to it that it is able to fulfill the duty of company with respect to its workers as well. It is the fundamental interest of the company to protect the safety as well as the health of the customers. It takes various measures with respect to the occupational safety and health of its customers, Data protection, protecting of knowledge houses and intellectual property and lastly its IT security as well as company assets. The company wants to make sure that these above-mentioned components have the ability to look after the needs the employees and is able to provide help to them and protect their needs. An evaluation product/portfolio mix Product Portfolio A product portfolio ix can be defined as a collection of all the services as well as products, which a company has to offer. The product analysis provides various details of the company with respect to the stock price, type, company growth prospect, income contributors, market leadership and the risk involved (Stead and Stead 2013). This kind of an information is extremely important for the investors and decision makers of the company. Product portfolio proves to be an essential part of the financial analysis as it provides context into the research and one can distinguish between long term and short-term growth plans (Laudon and Laudon 2014). The particular portfolio analysis allows a user to nail down the specific drivers of the performance of the company, which can then be used to make future plans. It is often believed that a mature company like that of Audi will have a diversified product portfolio. The company often makes acquisitions and development, which are a source of growth for the company. They even tend to have larger resource pool for the development. When a company is geographically dispersed, even then it will be able to have a large variety of products. The main purpose of diversification is to limit the growth potential while reducing the risk of an organization. The Products and services offered by Audi are given below: There is a variety of products offered by the company. The below figure provides the segment mix of the offerings made by Audi. Analysis of the Product Portfolio Mix with the help of BCG Matrix BCG Matrix The BCG Matrix also known as the Boston Consulting Group Matrix tends to provide an overview of the product portfolio mix of an enterprise. It helps the decision makers as well as the company to understand which group of product or portfolio is the most profitable one and which group is not (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). The matrix has two dimensions the market growth and the market share. It is believed the bigger the market share the better it is for the company. Stars These products represent the high growth as well as high market share products. They are usually the high return products, which have an equally high investment. Application to Audi The A5, A1, TT series and the Q5 series are the stars of the particular brand. The demand for these cars is extremely high and in the same way, they have huge investments as they face fierce competition from other manufacturers like the BMW and the Mercedes (Hill and Jones 2013). The Cash Cow The source of income is that component of the brand, which has a low growth but a high market share. In the particular segment, the cash generation is extremely high but as the growth does the segment is particularly low, the investment is not much in the segment, which means this segment does not utilize much cash. The profits are generally high. Application to Audi For Audi, the Q7, Q3 are its sources of income because they are unique and highly in demand. These products are famous for their unique qualities and the ability to attract the customers even without any customizations. Dogs Dogs are the worst products present under a brand portfolio. Under dogs, the products that are present have a low growth as well as low market share. These can be stated as the brands, which have not, being doing well. These products should be liquidated and minimized in the cost of products offered by the brand. Application to Audi The products of the brand, which have the following model umber -A3, A7, A8, are dogs. These have little or no cash generation and do not fit well with the other products offered by the company. They should be liquidated instead of implementing turn around plans. Component 4 The last component of the BCG Matrix is the Question mark. These are the products that belong to that group of products that require his investments and have extremely low growth chances. The products have high demands and low returns (BBC News. 2018). These products often absorb great amount of market share and become the dog of the company. They should be sold off or delivered in cash. Application to Audi The TT range of cars and the R8 are bringing question marks for the company. These products require extremely high investments and generate extremely low amount of cash. Implication of the BCG Matrix The Audi Company should not invest any more funds in the Dog component of the business matrix, which is the a3, a7 and a 8. These require huge turnaround plans but they often tend to fail. Instead, if possible they should invest in the Question mark component and in the star unit so that they become the sources of income and bring success to the business (Eden and Ackermann 2013). A critical analysis and evaluation of Key future directions for strategic growth Options available to the company and their adaptation From the various reports and analysis, it can easily be stated that the company has had a hard time in the previous YEAR. However, the company aims to remain determined, take a bold step in the future, and take up the present challenges (Slack 2015). The company aims to go ahead with its plan of strategic transformation. The company has made a variety of plans for the models, business operations as well as the technologies of the firm. They have been stated below: The company shall be rejuvenating their model portfolio and they plan to renew five existing core model series by the mid of 2018. They intend to expand their Q family by 3029 and even introduce new concepts of the Audi Q8 AND Q4. They intent to work more on their electric models. The company also plans to introduce its two models this year, which are A8 and A7. The products will be unveiled at an Audi Summit, which is a new concept; this shall help the company to gain popularity in the market. In future, the company also aims to systematize its synergies so that the relevant trending topics of the future can be applied in the business more efficiently. It has collaborated with Porsche for future architectural vehicles. This move by the brand shall result in costs savings of millions each year. Along with its traditional car, business the company aims to expand its digital services in the future. It aims to do this through My Audi, which provides a vast range o online services. It plans to extend this in more than 15 markets. The company aims to become the leading company in the Volkswagen group by implementing the autonomous driving. They also plan to finance its own resources in future and find robust solutions for the current problems. Analysis The current situation of the company was not good as it was faced by certain diesel crisis. However, as seen from the above analysis the company aims to change this in the future and become a global leader in automobiles. The plans and the path that the company has set out for itself is extremely logical and can be easily achieved with persistence and proper planning (Rothaermel 2015). One of the best paths available to the company is the rejuvenating of its existing portfolio and expanding the digital services. The existing portfolios need to be extended and the source of income products needs to be expanded in. The new move to strive towards the digital path is a extremely useful plan, which shall enable the company to access a new, sphere altogether which is potentially strong and profitable. Hence, it can be stated that these two options shall be best for the company. Recommendations After analyzing the case of Audi, the following recommendations can be made: Focus on emerging markets The company needs to focus its energy and resources into the new emerging markets. One of the primary emerging market is China. China has a great potential for manufacturing along with cheap labor and advanced technology options. Opening manufacturing houses in China will help the company to strengthen its position in the Asian Market and even save costs (Peteraf, Gamble and Thompson Jr 2014). The products that shall be manufactured in China can be exported to the other parts of the world. Hybrid and electric power train are priorities Audi should also consider and expand its offering on electric and hybrid cars. As witnessed from the analysis, Audi already has a range of hybrid and electric cars, which it should expand in order to make sure that it caters to the need of the current market ((Wheelen and Hunger 2017). Position itself as a pioneer in sustainable mobility and synthetic fuels The new mantra of the business is sustainability. Therefore, the company should take adequate actions to ensure sustainability in its operations. It should make sure that all the ethical norms and environmental laws are followed by the company. It should utilize minimum resources so that the future generation and their needs are adhered to. Conclusion Therefore, from the given analysis of the Audi company under the Volkswagen group it could be stated that the company has been doing extremely well in the professional as well as the ethical domain. The company needs to adopt newer strategies and determine its focus on new fuel saving and electric resources. Known for its image as a progressive brand, the company needs to alter its product offering and spend its resources strategically in order to ensure incorporation of sustainability and cost effectiveness in its operations along with providing satisfaction to the consumers. The company needs to prioritize its goals and concentrate on establishment of cars and parts, which conserve the environment. Once the company is able to do so it shall become a global leader in automobiles. The reason may be competitive advantage. The company needs to hold on to the present requirement, which requires cars with energy consumption. Once it is able to do that, it will receive appreciation from several environmentalists and can be able to receive various subsidies from the government. These subsidies will help the company in gaining more profits, which will ultimately help the company to give out better dividends. This will raise the value of the company in the eyes of the customers as well. The company has certain responsibilities towards the society as well which it needs to fulfill. References Algesheimer, R., Dholakia, U.M. and Herrmann, A., 2015. The social influence of brand community: Evidence from European car clubs.Journal of marketing,69(3), pp.19-34. ,2018.The World of Audi. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Jan. 2018]. Barrett, S.R., Speth, R.L., Eastham, S.D., Dedoussi, I.C., Ashok, A., Malina, R. and Keith, D.W., 2015. Impact of the Volkswagen emissions control defeat device on US public health.Environmental Research Letters,10(11), p.114005. Bartels, A., 2013, July. High Automated Driving Functions: Future challenges and research needs from the perspective of Volkswagen group research. InTRB Workshop on Road Vehicle Automation, Stanford(Vol. 16). BBC News. ,2018.Bumpy road ahead for scandal-hit VW. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Jan. 2018]. Blackwelder, B., Coleman, K., Colunga-Santoyo, S., Harrison, J.S. and Wozniak, D., 2016. The Volkswagen Scandal. Eden, C. and Ackermann, F., 2013.Making strategy: The journey of strategic management. Sage. Garibaldo, F. and Bardi, A., 2015.Company strategies and organisational evolution in the automotive sector: a worldwide perspective(Vol. 32). Peter Lang Publishing. Greca, R., 2015. Audi and BMWsupplier strategies of two successful Car Producers.Company Strategies and Organizational Evolution in the Automotive Sector: A Worldwide Perspective. Peter Lang: Frankfurt am Main, pp.85-123. Hill, C.W. and Jones, G.R., 2013.Strategic management theory. South-Western/Cengage Learning. Hill, C.W., Jones, G.R. and Schilling, M.A., 2014.Strategic management: theory: an integrated approach. Cengage Learning. Laudon, K.C. and Laudon, J.P., 2014.Essentials of management information systems. Upper Saddle River: Pearson. Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H. and Zentes, J., 2015.Strategic international management. Springer. Oldenkamp, R., van Zelm, R. and Huijbregts, M.A., 2016. Valuing the human health damage caused by the fraud of Volkswagen.Environmental Pollution,212, pp.121-127. Peteraf, M., Gamble, J. and Thompson Jr, A., 2014.Essentials of strategic management: The quest for competitive advantage. McGraw-Hill Education. Rothaermel, F.T., 2015.Strategic management. McGraw-Hill Education. Sheldrick, G.M., 2015. SHELXTIntegrated space-group and crystal-structure determination.Acta Crystallographica Section A: Foundations and Advances,71(1), pp.3-8. Slack, N., 2015.Operations strategy. John Wiley Sons, Ltd. Stead, J.G. and Stead, W.E., 2013.Sustainable strategic management. ME Sharpe. the Guardian. ,2018.Volkswagen (VW) | Business | The Guardian. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Jan. 2018]. ,2018.Volkswagen Group Homepage. [online] Available at: [Accessed 22 Jan. 2018]. Wheelen, T.L. and Hunger, J.D., 2017.Strategic management and business policy. pearson.

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Television Violence And Its Effects On Children Essays - Behavior

Television Violence and Its Effects on Children This literature review is based on the effects of television violence on children. More specifically, it deals with the relationship found between television violence and aggression found in young children. I chose this topic because I found it interesting to learn that studies have indeed found a connection between television viewing and the behavior of people, especially children. The first study reviewed is entitled "Television Violence and Children's Aggression: Testing the Priming. Social script, and Disinhibition Predictions," by Wendy Josephson. Josephson begins her study by commenting on other studies which pertain to the idea of television violence leading to aggressiveness in children's behavior. She acknowledges that, in fact, there are still differing views over whether or not behavior is affected by the violence. However, Josephson tends to rely more on the idea that it is affected and feels that more research should be directed to this area. Mostly, attention is focused on factors such as the disinhibition effect and cue-triggered aggression. Josephson aims to differentiate these two areas and how they are affected by television violence. The overall purpose of her study is to research the effect this violence has on boys' aggression. Special emphasis is placed on factors such as teacher-rated characteristic aggressiveness in the boys, timing of frustration (before or after watching the televised violence, and violence related cues. Josephson's study is detailed and technical. However, sometimes it gets very difficult to understand the study due to the many advanced, technical terms used. The purpose of the study is somewhat easy to determine, and the three hypotheses on which she bases her research on are outlined clearly in the end of the review. It is understandable, from the review, how she came to her hypotheses. The second study reviewed is by Leonard D. Eron. Titled "Interventions to Mitigate the Psychological Effects of Media Violence on Aggressive Behavior," it begins with Eron's realization that although many studies were conducted which support the link between violence on television and aggressive behavior, very few studies have been conducted which attempt to intervene between the two. Interventions between television violence and aggression could be useful because, then studies could be conducted on reducing the effects of violence on the viewer. Also, the results of such a study could be helpful in researching the cause and effect relationship which may exist between the two. However, this would require that the interventions pertain exclusively to television viewing and that any other areas of intervention are controlled. If the aggressive behavior is reduced, it could support the theory of a causal effect as convincingly as a study performed in a carefully controlled laboratory experiment. The literature review is clear and easy to understand. Eron states at the beginning what his study is about. However, it is not clear in the review, at first, that his study deals with young children. This should have been more apparent since different results are expected depending on who the study involves. It is apparent, however, that his intentions are to study the results which would come from a study involving intervening variables between television violence and aggressive behavior. "Effects of Realistic TV Violence vs. Fictional Violence on Aggression" by Charles Atkin is the third study to be reviewed. Atkin's study starts off by stating that much evidence supports the theory that televised violence contributes to rising amounts of aggression found among young people. He focuses his literature review on the aspect of reality vs. fantasy in violence. More realistic forms of violence are said to lead to greater aggression. His study deals with the comparison of aggressive responses in pre-adolescents to real news violence and fictional entertainment violence. Reality, in the case of these studies, is perceived by the viewer. The viewer determines whether or not the violence appears real by the extent to which the events really did or could exist in the real world or through similarities which the event holds with the viewers social or physical environment. If a violent situation appears real, the viewer is more likely to identify with it. Therefore, it is said to lead to more aggression than violence in unrealistic situations. Atkins seeks, in his study, causal evidence of impact which takes into account reality violence, fantasy violence, and no violence treatments. Atkin gives a clear, understandable idea of what his study is about. This lit review was very well done. His purpose was clear and his hypotheses were well explained at the end of the review. By explaining the information lacking in previous studies, it was

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Segregation In Schools essays

Segregation In Schools essays Segregation in the United States, legal or social practice of separating people on the basis of their race or ethnicity. Segregation has been prohibited in the United States since the All over America there seems to be painfully obvious difference in the school systems which cater to the upper class minority and the ones that serve the lower and middle class minority. There is a strong undercurrent of racial inequality in today's school systems, which negatively effect the quality of education that its students receive. A schools potential to give a proper education often depends on the perspective economic, and social, or should I say racial backgrounds of its students. America's school systems seem to be returning to their former state of segregation. The population of minorities who live in theUnited States is constantly increasing and their numbers can contribute to the success or the failure of the nation. Magnet schools, private schools, or suburban schools serve the upper class, minority of the American population. These schools are some of the best high schools in the nation. There are usually a small number of minority children who are lucky enough to attend such quality schools but white children defiantly make up the majority of upper class high In an article that I read from the "National Catholic Reporter" called "A tale of two schools" the author Viebica Stokley discussed the differences between public schools and magnet schools. The magnet school mentioned in the article was called Franklin High. Franklin was a clean, well-lit school. It is air conditioned and freshly painted. There is no graffiti, the bathrooms are clean and there are no roaches or rats present. Franklin has an ample supply of books and supplies. Franklin has a huge library and a computer lab filled with new computers. The school has a TV studio, a new theater, and a school newspaper. Stud...

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Review of an Academic Research Paper Literature Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Of an Academic Research Paper - Literature review Example This entails the reasons behind wiring the paper, the thoughts of other writers and analysed that have contributed to the essay as well as the outcomes of the same. As seen in Harvard referencing, the abstract must be inclusive of all the thoughts that need to be included in the essay just as this paper has (Gustavii, 2003). The abstract of this article is one that is all inclusive of all the themes and ideas, just as expected of a sensible abstract. Johnson, Stainton & Borodzicz (2010; 705), clearly indicates that the article will propose a methodology structures for evaluations educational validity of business gaming simulation through comprehensive research and analysis of findings. INTRODUCTION: The introduction of a paper is one that needs to ensure that the reader has a clear understanding of the entire topic. The introduction of this paper evaluates the reasons for addressing the study, based on previous collected data from analysts and researchers. With Johnson, Stainton & Bo rodzicz (2010) stating clearly the aim of the paper, the introduction simply takes the reader through the entire paper without perusing the entire of it. THEORTICAL FRAMEWORK: This is yet another section of the layout of a good paper. As seen in the work of Johnson, Stainton & Borodzicz (2010) the title and the content in the article are correlated. The article deals with the effectiveness and educational validity in regard to the various designs and implementation processes. As seen in the conclusion of the theoretical background, the author clearly concluded by applying business gaming in validation of education (Johnson, Stainton & Borodzicz, 2010). The research methodology framework is very well prearranged, all for the reason of ensuring that the reader gets the message sent. The research designs and instruments have been clearly stated that support the validity of the research. Points for and against the design have been set out clearly thus enhance an underst6ndingh of the ar ticle (Johnson, Stainton & Borodzicz, 2010). However, it is vital to note the authors are wary of the shortcomings and confirm that further research needs to be done. FINDINGS: As a result of the research, Johnson, Stainton & Borodzicz (2010) come up with the findings as follows; The bottom line of assessment of business gaming imitation is the effectual product of learning The designer shapes the representational value of the simulation , and how well it will be understood Experiential learning can be defined as a learning process that involves encountering issues and implementing solutions to the problems Self-motivation is of essence in the case of business gaming simulation as it is crucial in motivating participants A proper set of guidelines should be present in the case of problem of design, and implementation of the evaluation process should be provided so as to authenticate the efficiency of business simulation Business gaming simulation greatly impacts the external educati onal validity in terms of understanding the actual world. The collected data should be well summarized so as to motivate the individuals who are willing to learn and shape their career The simulation ought to be keenly designed putting much emphasis on criteria such as complications, implementation methods of the representational validity. LIMITATIONS: Johnson, Stainton

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Violence and Its Impact Upon Adolescents Research Paper

Violence and Its Impact Upon Adolescents - Research Paper Example It was also used to describe to indicate a power relationship that is aimed at constraining or subjecting another person. Over the centuries that followed, violence was given a fundamental role by western civilizations where on one had it was seen to quite fiercely denounce the excesses of violence and openly declared it to be illegitimate, However, on the other hand, Western civilization was also seen to give violence a rather elevated position where it was legitimized so as to validate the actions of knights who were forced to shed blood in the noble defense of the orphans and widows as well as defend the just causes of the Christian kings against the Infidels, and trouble makers (Muchembled 7-9). The brutality of all human relations was accepted as being a universal social language in addition to its being considered to be absolutely normal and quite necessary in most western societies up until the seventeenth century. While cultural ideals might have gradually evolved over time, violence is seen to still play a prominent role in modern society and equally affects people of all ages hailing from the different walks of life. The violence perpetrated against the young people is found to be particularly worrying as it can significantly affect their future development and negatively impact the future human society. There are a number of different development models that are used in the assessment of the impact that violence has on a child’s development. These development models are seen to variously include: The Transactional Model of Development: â€Å"This development model is seen to greatly emphasize the importance of the roles that are seen to be played by both the environment and the child in the determination of the child’s development† (Addison-Scott 17). The main premise of this model is that as opposed to a child acting within its environment, both the environment and the child mutually end up altering each other. Any positive outc omes from this interaction are largely considered to be a consequence of a nurturing environment having been provided to the child while children in a mostly negative environment are normally thought to be at a rather high risk for later difficulties (Addison-Scott 17). According to this model, it can also be argued that a child’s future cannot be solely and accurately predicted by looking at either a single environmental event or a biological event, the model generally assumes that a child’s development is generally made though a reciprocal and bidirectional interaction between the environment and the child (Addison-Scott 17). The transactional model has been largely criticized for the fact that although it attempts to look at the establishment of bidirectional relationships between the environment and the child, it however fails to try and explain the variance that is usually found to exist between them. It is also pointed out that the transactional m